The Ultimate Ski Checklist for Kids

The Ultimate Ski Checklist for Kids

Skiing and Snowboarding are sports that most of us learned when we were kids and has now has become second nature where every process of preparation is ingrained in our minds. However, getting your kids ready for a day on the hill is a whole other story and can sometimes be a tiring and stressful process.  Nowadays, there are numerous stories of parents dropping their kids off at ski school only to realize in horror on the chairlift or back at the lodge that they forgot a pair of gloves, goggles or their child’s ski pass.  To help avoid any of these ski day calamities and ease your nerves come that all important family ski day, we have composed an easy to use checklist to make sure your little one has the best day possible on the slopes.


□        Sunscreen

□        Winter Ski Socks

□        Base Layer Bottom

□        Base Layer Top

□        Warm Breathable Mid-Layer (Fleece top or similar)

□        Snow Pants

□        Ski/Snowboard Boots

□        Ski/Snowboard Jacket

□        Neck Warmer

□        Balaclava or Face Mask

□        Helmet

□        Goggles (have a spare set of lenses for varying conditions, if possible)

□        Gloves or Mittens

□        Hand Warmer Pack in Pocket

□        Skis/Snow Board

□        Poles

□        Ski Pass (with lanyard)

□        Ski School Credentials (if applicable)

□        Cell Phone, fully charged (if applicable)



□        Sunglasses or Mirrored Lens Goggles

□        Sunscreen

□        Lip Balm

□        Edgie-Wedgies (if necessary)

□        Water/Hydration Pack

□        Snacks (Granola bars, gummy candy, fruit etc.)



□        Fresh Socks

□        Fresh Underwear

□        Fresh Pair of Gloves

□        Snow Boots/Shoes

□        Ski Hat or Baseball Hat

□        Ski Duffle Bag (to load everything backup at the end of the day)

□        Fresh Change of Clothes (if you are doing a long stretch on the road)

□        Water & Snacks

□        i-Pad, Book, or Game (for car ride home, etc.)

We hope this list helps alleviate some common ski day nerves when getting your children ready to hit the slopes.  However, the most important thing you can do to make sure your child has a fun time is to start the day with a positive attitude and a smile.  Sliding on snow is something we all have to do and that passion is infectious.   Don’t forget to hug your children at the end of the day and always provide encouragement along the way.  Remember, in the beginning, there is no such thing as too many hot chocolate breaks.  In the end, if they had fun, your day was a success.

Enjoy the gift of skiing/snowboarding and stay safe on and off the hill!


Download List Here:

Ski Child Prep Checklist

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